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Ajwa Group of Companies has a dream to create a niche for itself in the field of construction, infrastructure and entertainment. We have our roots in India but our actions and thoughts are of the world standard. We would study the best in the world and implement them as per our local requirements, which would enable us to emerge as a strong infrastructure and entertainment group in the future. Our efforts in this direction will not be limited to the construction alone, we would march ahead of time and would reach where our customer are. We not only build homes, we build better customer relations that inspires us to create an unmatched residential and commercial landmarks that stand the test of time and fulfill the lifestyle needs of people.
Our Mission
our action and thoughts are based on the following principles:
  • Entrepreneurship and Kaizen
  • Ambition and broad vision
  • Innovation suiting human society and the world around
  • Professionalism an aid to success
What ever we do or say is based on these principles.

  • we give utmost importance to creativity and innovation. We would always endeavor to do anything better than before. It should be special, effective and done with total commitment.
  • we believe in winning and teamwork. We believe in developing and always respect those who are capable of implementing every idea, which means we should ensure that whatever we do should be based on the said four principles.
  • we, as an organization are totally committed to employees. We therefore give top priority to an individual and his capacity to contribute and grow.
  • we would provide our customer what they need or what they require and all our efforts will be in this direction.
  • we believe that learning is the first mantra of success, therefore, we have created such an environment where people get maximum opportunity to learn.
  • we would play a positive role in the society, no matter in what medium we would be in.

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